Merchant side

Each transaction is controlled and validated by the system to detect suspicious activity. And when a merchant makes a payment request, FedaPay ensures that the request has been made by the owner of the account. Indeed, FedaPay asks each merchant to answer secret questions which are then used to verify the identity of the person who issued the payment request. Moreover, the merchants money is managed by a financial institution and is transferred to the merchant bank account or mobile money account only at his request.

Buyer side

When a customer makes a purchase with their credit card, our system through our partner bank verifies the authenticity of the credit card information of the buyer. Any false information leads to the refusal of the transaction. When a customer makes a purchase with his mobile number, the transactions made through our system follow the standards imposed by the CBWAS(Central Bank of West African States). Each transaction is approved by the issuer who must enter their secret PIN.

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