Learn how to easily configure and use FedaPay with your WooCommerce store with our WordPress plugin that you can download here or directly from your WordPress dashboard.

FedaPay plugin

Once the plugin is installed and activated, go to the settings of your WooCommerce store.

WooCommerce settings

You will see the interface below. Click on the tab Payments.

WooCommerce settings

You will have the list of the payment methods. At the very bottom you will find FedaPay.

FedaPay plugin settings

You will configure it and activate it. To do this, click on Set up.

FedaPay plugin settings

Check the Enable FedaPay box to use FedaPay in live mode and receive real-time payments.

Get your secret API keys test and live respectively at the dashboard of your Sandbox and Live FedaPay accounts.

Copy and paste your secret key from your test account into the corresponding field. Do the same for your live account.
These keys are a string starting with :

  • sk_live for your live account
  • sk_sandbox for your test account

Save your changes to finish.
And here, you have finished!
Your FedaPay gateway is configured and ready to serve for your customers payments.

FedaPay plugin settings
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