All transactions marked as Transferred are available on the balance of your merchant account. When you have money in your balance, you can claim your money from the dashboard. It takes 72 hours for an approved transaction to be transferred to your balance.

To retrieve the available funds on your balance, you can

Then make a payment request toward the mobile account, the card or bank account you have added earlier.

If you had made transactions with different currencies, then you will have balances on your merchant account as much as used currencies.

For example, if you have made transactions both in Euro and Dollar, you will have two distincts balances, one with your assets in euro and the other one with assets in dollar.

You will be able to send only one payment request at time to an account of your choice for each balance available on your merchant account.

Understand that it is not possible to cumulate the assets available on different balances.
However, you can still receive all your transfers regardless the currency on a single and same account. The bank where you have your account in this case, will handle the conversion of your assets accordingly to your country current currency.
Submit the request from your account FedaPay’s dashboard. It will be processed and analyzed by our system.

When there is no litigation relative to one of the transactions carried out in the interval of a month on your balance, then your application is validated and approved.
And transfer will be made to the account you specified while issuing your payment request.

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