Integrate a paiement form in your website with Feda Checkout
You can integrate Feda Checkout into a few lines of client-side codes :

Replace YOUR_API_PUBLIC_KEY by the API public key of your sandbox or live account.
<form action="index.php" method="POST">
 <input type="hidden" name="field" value="test">
   data-button-text="Pay 35000"
   data-transaction-description="Transaction description"
   data-widget-description="Your 100% african store"

This integration uses a script tag in your form to display a button that will trigger the payment process when the customer clicks on it. Do not forget to pass in parameter, the values for the data- attributes without which, your integration will not work.

So you have :
  • data-public-key : specify the API public key of your FedaPay account obtained at its creation
  • data-transaction-amount : define the amount of the payment to be made by the customer
  • data-transaction-description : give a brief description of the transaction purpose
  • data-currency-iso : specify the currency iso to use for the transaction

    Refer to the supported currencies by FedaPay for more information.

The remaining attributes are optional and only used to customize as you wish the layout of the payment form and button if you want them to bear the identity of your platform.
These are :
  • data-button-text : to modify the text displayed on your button
  • data-button-class : customize the button by specifying for this attribute a defined class of your choice such as a bootstrap class
  • data-widget-description : to make a short description of your platform
  • data-widget-image : define the logo to display on your form
  • data-widget-title : indicate your platform name

When using this code, make sure that the data contained in the form reach you server-side by indicating the correct parameter for the attribute action, which here, for illustrative purpose is action="index.php".