FedaPay gives you the possibility to add users to your account. To protect sensitive data in your account, you can assign a role to each user in your account to limit their access.

Business Setting

In the Settings section shown above, click on it to set your management team then add your e-business partners which you will need to handle the differents aspects of your FedaPay account.

Team section

Choose Team and click on Add a user to integrate one of your collaborators.

Each added collaborator is a user with specific rights and permissions.
You have three roles which define a given level of privilege on your FedaPay account, each.

Adding an user

You have :

  • Analyst, to evaluate the evolution of your business with FedaPay. This role is intended for financial advisors.
  • Developer, for programmers who will be responsible for technical aspects such as integration of the API or Feda Checkout form into your system or platform.
  • And finally, the Administrator who in this case will be you, the owner of the registered business and therefore of the FedaPay account.

Enter the email address of the collaborator you want to add to your Feda team and choose its role. Note that a person can only have one role.
Click on Invite to finish.

Once this process is done, go to Invitations. From this menu, you can consult the list of all the pending invitations sent to your employees.

Partnership invitation

As soon as a collaborator accepts your invitation, it will be displayed in the list of users on the Team side.

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