Learn more about using the dashboard to better manage your FedaPay account.

The dashboard is a feature-rich user interface which allows you to use and set up your FedaPay account. You can use it to manage payments and refunds, respond to disputes, monitor your integration and more.

The dashboard homepage provides useful information about your account activity. This includes a wide range of real-time analytics and graphs that give insight on your business performance and recent activities that may require you to take action, such as unanswered conflict or identity verification.

FedaPay Dashboard

Explore the dashboard

The dashboard is mainly organized in separate sections. Each section represents a particular area of the API (example: Transactions) or a feature provided by FedaPay.

In most cases, you can use the dashboard to perform specific actions such as refunding a payment made by a customer or payment request for the funds available on your balance. And all of this without using the API thus making the dashboard an useful tool for managing your business.

Transactions list

Overview of transactions on the dashboard

Refunding a payment

Payment refunding


Understanding how funds enter and leave your account is an important part of payment processing. Use the dashboard to display information on the different activities of your account which can be exported as a report in CSV format and be used in spreadsheet applications.
You can export summary reports of your transactions, balances and customers on a given period.

Exporting transactions report

To do it, just click on the Export to CSV button.

Exporting transactions report_1
Exporting transactions report_2

Then set the period for which you want a report.
Click on Export to finish.
You will have a notification informing you that the report has been sent to the email address with which you have created your FedaPay account.
Report notification

From your FedaPay dashboard you have the ability to fully and easily manage your customers. You can check your customer list, just click on the Customers section in your dashboard.
Customer section

You wil see your registered customers list displayed as below.

Customer listining

To receive payment from a customer, you must register him at first on the dashboard of your merchant account by providing all the information about him. For that, click on New customer. Customer adding

Fill out the displayed form.

Customer registering

Make sure to only provide correct and accurate information about your customer. Fill in the field for the phone number, taking care to choose the country code from which this number is registered. Click on Create to finish.

You can also edit a customer information or permanently delete him by clicking on its name in the displayed list. Customer edit

All you need To do, is to click on the button corresponding to the operation you want to perform.
To edit or update a customer information, click Edit details.

Customer update
Make all necessary changes then click on Edit to finish.

To do a definitive deletion, click on Delete. Customer delete Confirm your deletion and it is over!

In addition to your customer information, you also have, transaction history, made requests (Logs) and all the major events related to him such as the update of its information (customer.created). Customer details


To check your transactions list, click on the Transactions section in your dashboard. Transaction section

You will see all transactions created with their status from the most recent to the oldest. Transaction listining

To create a new transation, click on Add a transaction. Fill out the displayed form.

Transaction creation

Be sure to only provide correct and accurate information about the transaction.
Start by choosing from the first field of your form in the drop-down list that shows your registered customers, the one with whom the transaction is to be made.
Then enter the transaction amount and the currency to use by choosing from the drop-down list which is just on the same line next to the Amount field.

You can specify a return link in the case you want to redirect to a particular page, your customer once the transaction is complete. Otherwise, leave this field blank. Your customer will have to leave the payment page manually.
And finally, give a brief description of your transaction by specifying its purpose. Click on Add to finish.

As soon as a transaction is created, it is marked Pending. Transaction status

To order payment, choose it from transactions list and generate a payment link. Transaction editing

Note that only pending transactions may still be edited.
To edit a transaction, click on Edit details.

Transaction updating
Deleting a transaction regardless of its status is also possible but be careful when you want to use this option.

As with the customers, you can see below, the events and logs related to each of your transactions. Transaction details


Once you have made transactions and they have been approved then transferred to your balance, check it to get an idea of your assets on your FedaPay account.

To do it, go to Balances section in your dashboard.

Balances section

Remember that you have as many balances as currencies used when doing your transactions. If you used the dollar and cfa, then you will have two balances, one in dollar and another one in cfa.

To switch from a balance to another one, click on currency button in the upper right corner of your screen.

Switching between balances

You will see a list of all your balances indicating the currency/currencies you use.
In this example, there is currently only one balance with the fcfa.

Your balance is divided into two parts:

  • the upper part which gives you a summuray of your money
  • Balances first part
  • and the lower part which gives you a summuray of your payment requests
  • Balances second part

With the first part, you have :

  • the amount available on your account. i.e the total amount of your transactions for which you have not yet made a payment request.
  • Available amount on balances
  • the amount of your pending payment requests. This is the amount you wish to receive in cash from your FedaPay account.
  • Requested payment amount
  • the amount for approved payment requests. This is the sum that you have been transferred to the destination of your choice and that you have already collected with FedaPay.
  • Amount received from Fedapay

In the second part, you have the history of your payment requests with their respective details. For your pending payment requests, you can still cancel them by clicking the Cancel button.

The main function of your balance is to allow you to retrieve money from your FedaPay acoount. Click on the Request a payment button at the top to start the process.

Request a payment

Then fill ou the displayed form.

Payment request form

Specify the amount, the payment mode, a description then click on Create. For more details, check out payments request.

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