Learn how to set up and use Feda Give, your WordPress plugin to collect donations on your platform that you can download here.

A prior installation of Give the donation plugin that you can download for free here, is required.

Once both plugins are installed and activated, go to the Give settings.

Give settings

You will see the interface below. Click on the Currency tab.

Give devise settings

Transactions are currently done with FCFA (XOF) only, so be sure to set it as the default currency as follows.

Give devise settings 2

Save the changes to finish.

Then click on the Payment Gateways tab. Check the box in front of FedaPay to activate it.

Save the changes and click on the FedaPay section which appears.

Give devise settings 3

You will have this interface.

Give settings 4

Get your secret API keys (private) test and live respectively from the dashboard of your Sandbox and Live FedaPay accounts.

Copy and paste your secret key from your test account into the corresponding field. Do the same for your live account.
These keys are a string starting with :

  • sk_live for your live account
  • sk_sandbox for your test account

Save your changes to finish.
Your FedaPay gateway is set up and ready to help you collect your donations through mobile money and credit cards.

The last step, you have to create a form which will allow to people to make donation on your platform with Give by clicking on Add form

Give donation form
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