How to create and share a payment page on FedaPay.

FedaPay Me allows you to create your own fully customizable payment page with an unique link to receive all your payments.

To do so, go to the menu Payment pages on your FedaPay account.

Payment pages

Click on the Add a page button.

Payment page 1

On the form upper part:

  • your payment page name
  • your payment page description
  • an image if you have a poster for your payment page that you want to use
  • check the I want a fixed payment amount on this page box and enter an amount if you want to receive the same amount for all your payments.
    Otherwise, leave this box unchecked. Your customers or donors will have the opportunity to enter the desired amount
  • check the Collect phone numbers on this page box to record the numbers of those who made a payment using your page

Payment page 2

On the lower part, click on the Show advanced options. You can define:

  • a custom link for your payment page
  • a successful payment message displayed after an approved transaction for your customer or to thank your donor
  • a redirect payment link after a successful payment. Put the link of a resource to be downloaded after an approved transaction
  • additional fields if you wish to collect additional information when making payments on your page. Click on Add a field button then enter the field name
  • Click on the Create button to finish.

    Payment pages list

    You can create as many payment pages as you want. Once you finish, you will have a list of all your payment pages. To edit or check on a payment page details, click on it.

    The pages which have the column Amount marked as Open are the ones for which you didn't define a fixed amount for the payment.
    Those with an amount for example 1000 CFA are the ones which have a fixed amount.

    The status Unpublished and Published are meant to let you know whenever your payment page is still in draw or live to receive real payments. Pages which are Unpublished can't be used to receive payment. So do not share the link of these pages. Your customers or donors won't be able to make a payment using them.

    Payment page details

    After creating a new payment page, its default status is Unpublished. To start accepting payments, click on Publish to live button.

    Then you can share your payment page link on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or through an email.
    Hit the Share on button for that.
    You can also copy the link and paste it wherever you wish.

    Click on the Edit details button to update your payment page.

    Editing payment page_1
    Editing payment page_2

    To test out or see what your payment page looks like, hit the Visit link button.

    Payment page display

    That's an example of the page, your customers or donors are going to have when using your payment link.

    They will have to fill the form to proceed to a payment. All payments done are grouped by page. So you can have all the transactions made with each of your payment pages and the customer or donor information.
    Scroll down on a payment page details to see it.

    Payment page transactions

    To customize your payment page, go to the Preferences in Settings menu.
    Scroll a little bit down to see these options.

    Customize your page

    Proceed to all changes you need and you can still reset all the values to default if you do not like your changes.
    Click on the Save button and you are done. That's all, your payment page is ready!

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