Before you set up your integration, please use the following information to thoroughly perform all the necessary tests.
When creating your FedaPay account, you have two options:

  • create a FedaPay Test account
  • create a FedaPay Live account

The FedaPay Test account is the one dedicated to testing. It allows you to do all the possible manipulations to test our API's integration on your platform before you actually go into production and start accepting payments with your FedaPay Live account.

So start by creating your test account whether you are newbie or expert to API's integration.
The creation of your test account grants you test API keys that you will use to address your requests to our test server setup for this purpose.

With these test API keys, you will be able to perform transaction tests with credit cards and mobile money.
A list of credit cards and phone numbers is available for testing the transaction approval and rejection scenarios.

Test card numbers

Authentic card information can not (and should not) be used in test mode. That’s why we provide you this list of credit cards to only perform your tests.

Number Card type Case
4111111111111111 Visa success
4242424242424241 Visa failure
5555555555554444 MasterCard success
4242424242424242 Visa failure

The Case column, shows you the numbers with which you can perform a successful or failed transaction simulation in order to see how your system will react for each of these cases.

In addition to the card numbers available for testing, you must also make sure to fill out the form for a card payment as follows:

Credit card payment details


Credit card information


Credit card information provided


(1) You have the details of the transaction you created. That's the customer last name, first name and number, the transaction description, the currency used and the amount.

(2) Provide the credit card information to be used for the transaction by filling this part of the form.

(3) An example of the completed form with the information provided in the table above.
Make sure to fill in the fields below:

  • Card's owner name : enter the name that suits you
  • MM (MM) YY (AA) : indicate a later expiry date of your choice for this card by specifying month and year
  • A CVV number for the card : this number must consist of three digits

Phone numbers test

Just like with cards, you also have phone numbers to simulate all scenarios of mobile money payment before going into production on your live account.

Number Mobile Carrier Case
66000001 MTN Benin success
66000000 MTN Benin failure
64000001 MOOV Benin success
64000000 MOOV Benin failure

Notes :

FedaPay has two servers, a test server that receives and handles the processing of your requests when you are in test mode.
And a live server when you are in live mode to receive payments and make real transactions with your partners or customers.

  • The default system is set to live mode when you do not specify any API key
  • When you are in test mode, all your queries must be sent using the API test keys
  • When you are in test mode, you must specify a test API key and the test environment each time, otherwise your request will be directed to the live server.
    This will cause an error because this server is only intended to receive and process requests with live API keys.
  • When you go into production on your live account, you just have to replace eveywhere you used the API test keys by the API live keys of your FedaPay live account and the configuration is complete.
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