Understanding how events work helps you to have a better experience with FedaPay for you and your customers. Discover it through:
The transaction lifecycle

The system starts with the creation of a customer, this event is called customer.created. Then a transaction is created and assigned to the customer which has just been created. This is the transaction.created event.

Once this transaction is created, it can be canceled (transaction.canceled), declined (transaction.declined) or approved (transaction.approved) then transferred (transaction.transferred).
Each event being followed by an immediate status update (transaction.updated).

The principle is the same with customers. You also have events like:

  • customer.updated
  • customer.deleted

Find the detailed history of all events on your FedaPay account in the Events section.

FedaPay events Click on an event to see it in details. Events-details This event above is about the information update of a customer.
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