With FedaPay you receive deposits from your customers but you can also do it with Feda Payout our feature. It allows any company whatever its sector of activity, to automate financial transactions such as the settlement of employees or partners. All by initiating and scheduling one-off transfers.

Go to Payouts menu in your dashboard.

Feda Payout Dashboard

You have the list of deposits that you have ordered with the funds available on your balance, the recipienrs, the status of the different deposits, the deposit and creation dates.

You always have the filter to facilitate your search and help you to sort through the deposits that you order.

Feda Payout Dashboard

To order a deposit, you have two options.

Adding deposit
Unique payment

When it's a single deposit, click on the Add a payout button.

Feda Payout Dashboard

Indicate the recipient, the amount you want to transfer and validate by pressing Add.

Feda Payout Dashboard
Multiple payment

The second possibility concerns the following multiple deposit cases :

  • you want to make several deposits to the same recipient but on different dates;
  • you want to make deposits to different recipients on the same date or on different dates

In either of the above cases, you have the possibility to import a CSV file in which you load the information of the deposits you want to make.
There are:

  • last names
  • first names
  • emails
  • recipients phone numbers
  • amount of each deposit
You will find an example of the CSV file to import below:

Payout file

Import your CSV file by clicking on the Import a CSV button

Feda Payout Dashboard

Select your CSV file and confirm by pressing Import to load it.

Feda Payout Dashboard
Sending a deposit

Once the file is imported, the list of deposits is loaded and the deposits are in Waiting.

Use your filter to display a list of your pending deposits.

Feda Payout Dashboard
Unique sending

Click on the Send button next to a deposit to make its sending.

Feda Payout Dashboard

You have the possibility to schedule the payout or to carry it out immediately.

Feda Payout Dashboard

Send payout now

Feda Payout Dashboard

Schedule the payout with date and time which suit you

Click on Send to finish and confirm your choice.

Multiple sending

For a multiple sending, check the deposits you want to make on a page. Or select all the deposits on one page by cchecking the first box.

Feda Payout Dashboard
Feda Payout Dashboard

Click on the Send button to launch the process.

Feda Payout Dashboard

Then define how to send deposits.

Feda Payout Dashboard

Immediate dispatch of deposits

Feda Payout Dashboard

Send on a specific date all deposits

Feda Payout Dashboard

Send deposits on different dates

  • The immediate dispatch allows you to systematically payout all selected deposits in one click
  • Sending all deposits on the same date allows you to define a single date on which all your recipients will receive their money
  • Sending deposits on different dates allows to set a specific date and time for each payout

Finish by clicking on Send.

Status and deposit details

As soon as you schedule sending a deposit its status changes to Processing.
It changes to Sent as soon as the deposit is done.

Feda Payout Dashboard

The deposit status goes to Failed when you don not have enough funds on your balance to carry out the sending.

Feda Payout Dashboard

To check a deposit details, its events and logs, click on it.

Feda Payout Dashboard
Feda Payout Dashboard
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